The Brevity Bell


Back Story

The little calling bell living on the desk in my
library has a cousin called "The Brevity Bell.".

There is a conflict in writing circles between
"Verbosity and Brevity."   They are always
trying to control the outcome of writing.

Old Verbosity declares:

"It is imperitive to write an assortment
of gargantion words."

"Construct a massive insurmountable
wall of words for all.   A beautiful wall,
the likes of which, that has never
been seen before."

"You need to build a wall of words
for the appreciative reader.
Long sentences,
long paragraphs,
tons of words,
the more
the better.

Young Brevity Declares:

"Danger, word shortage.
use less words."

During my writing process,
I ring the calling bell and summon
them in for advice. I ask each to

Brevity cries,
"A Verbosity Monstrosity."

Verbosity yells,
"Way to go little Buddy.   If you
need more time to gather
up more words, don't let me
stop your unquenchable quest."

I wrestle with their advice.

Building The Brevity Bell

The big cousin of the little calling bell is a
sailing ship that sails over the ocean.

Its home port is HayDay Bay at berth 202.

HayDay Bay cannot be found on a Nautical map.
The berth and bay live in the imagination of the

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